“Shall I project a world?”

Thomas Pynchon, The Crying of Lot 49

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A Postmodern Eighteenth-Century Novel: Jacques the Fatalist

We tend to think of experimentation with form and meta-narratives that call attention to their artificiality as the exclusive traits of postmodernism. But if we glance in the rearview mirror of history, we can sometimes find works from the past that also employ these same storytelling strategies. Joe Bray suggests that the eighteenth century is…

Sailing From Byzantium: A Meditation on Encountering History

Once out of nature, I shall never take/ My bodily form from any natural thing,/ But such a form as Grecian goldsmiths make/ Of hammered gold and gold enamelling/ To keep a drowsy Emperor awake;/ Or set upon a golden bough to sing/ To lords and ladies of Byzantium/ Of what is past, or passing,…

Is there Anyone Who Does Not Dream?

“Is there anyone who does not dream? Who does not contain worlds unimagined?” -Neil Gaiman, World’s End I’ve been working on a couple of new essays I hope to post soon. Plato’s Earth and Ephrem’s Pearl will explore the value of reading ancient literature. I also take a humorous approach to the issue of meaning in A Hardboiled Literary…

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