“The great thing about writing fiction is that you can dream while you’re awake.

-Haruki Murakami

The Redemptive Power of Verse in The Tale of Kieu

We often read of brawny heroes like Achilles, who defeat their enemies with brute strength, or wily tacticians like Odysseus who nimbly outwit their foes. But perhaps no protagonist so surprises and delights us as Kieu, who overcomes injustice and adversity by the beauty of her poetry and the depth of her sorrow. Nguyen Du’sContinue reading “The Redemptive Power of Verse in The Tale of Kieu

Tolstoy’s People

Many great works of literature are built on a central paradox. Like the Penrose steps, they appear to lead one way or another, depending on our perspective. Is Dante‚Äôs great poem an allegory or a realistic narrative? Milton intended his depiction of Satan to explore the deceptive nature of evil, but he created in himContinue reading “Tolstoy’s People”

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