Measure in Everything and Much Ado About Nothing

Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing shows us the poet at the height of his creative powers. His verse had yet to find that deeper timbre we later hear in Macbeth and King Lear. But as Swinburn expresses it, “for absolute power of composition, faultless balance, and blameless rectitude of design, there is no creation of Shakespeare’s that will bear comparisonContinue reading “Measure in Everything and Much Ado About Nothing

Reading Midsummer Night’s Dream in Winter

Sometimes the blogger must yield his place to the poet, and in recent weeks I’ve been hard at work on my current project. Because of this, I haven’t had the time to put together a proper post. But last month, weighed down by winter sorrows, I thought that I should give myself a little treat.Continue reading “Reading Midsummer Night’s Dream in Winter”